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Unique location-based channels. For all your devices.

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Free Text Messages

As well as sharing of videos, images etc.

Location Channels

Easy to use option to chat with users nearby!


iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux optimized


Https connection between our servers and your devices


Your sensitive data is securely stored on our servers

Location-Based channels

Join channels of restaurants, bars, conferences, concerts, schools and anything you can imagine. Or just create your own location channel and all the people around are in it instantly!

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Images and videos transfer
Privacy settings
Files sharing
Quotation of messages
Folders for channels
Contact list matching
Location channels
Notification settings



App Reviews

Find our clients` reviews to see what people say about us.

Rick Collins

Location based channels look Very useful for business purposes, restaurants, in particular. I hope the messenger will be widely adopted and bust this industry, thank you!


Jonathan Kelly

Insub is a good substitute for classic messengers: fast, reliable and with several innovative options. Will recommend it to friends and colleagues.


Sarah Bradley

I installed this messaging tool several months ago. At that moment it had several bugs, but most of them recently have been fixed and now it's a fully functional messenger. I use it with great pleasure. Thanks Insub team!


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